What We Do


Your landscaping creates lasting impressions and a long-term paradise setting for your homes. The planning and design of your landscaping and its proper installation will play an essential part in its overall functionality and aesthetics. Dream Properties, LLC, can give you the appropriate assistance and service to ensure that your landscape concepts meet your expectations. Talk to us today and explore the beautiful possibilities that await your outdoor space.

Fall / Spring Yard Cleanup

When it’s that time of the year to clear up those fallen leaves or prepare it for the new blooms, we are the perfect company to call.  Our yard cleanup will guarantee your landscape gets the proper cleanup it needs. We work to precision and excellence. Call us today!

Mowing and Lawn Maintenance

Keep your lawns trimmed and pristine with our mowing and lawn maintenance services. We will ensure that your yards get the proper attention and care, so it keeps healthy and green. Our experts are well-trained in the method, so you don’t have to worry, and you can focus more on enjoying your gorgeous outdoor spaces. Give our experts a call today!

Other Services

✔ Janitorial Services
✔ Commercial Cleaning
✔ Cleaning Services for Business